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Nurse Yourself Back To Health While On The Road

No one likes traveling while sick. It’s stressful, uncomfortable, and can often make you feel worse than you actually are since you are in a foreign environment, sometimes not being able to bunker down unaware in order to nurse yourself back to health. What can you do as a sick traveler? Step one is to […]

A Foodie’s Guide To Eating Like A Local When You Travel

So much of every culture is rooted in its food. When ethos can be fulfilled on the diameter of a plate, you’d be selling yourself and your travels short to not employ your taste buds to commit the flavor of a time and place into your memory. Sometimes tapping into food that is true to […]

Don’t Fall For These Common Travel Scams When Traveling Abroad

No matter where you are from, we all look forward to traveling abroad. There is nothing inherently wrong with discovering new places nearer to you, but there is something exhilarating at the thought of traveling to a foreign place – one that is very unfamiliar in comparison to the culture we are so immersed in. […]

Why You Should Travel With Your Friends

Before you can even start the process of planning your next trip, you must first make one vital decision: will you be traveling solo or with your friends? This is a question that, to the surprise of some, has become very controversial. Solo travelers would argue that to truly experience a trip, it should be […]

Airbnb Etiquette: Before, During, And After

Staying at an Airbnb is like staying at a home away from home. Depending on your budget or what is available in the surrounding areas during your trip, you can rent out spaces that range from an entire home to a spare bedroom in someone’s house. What makes staying at an Airbnb even better than […]

The Rainy Day Guidebook For Vacationing In Athens

What do planning a vacation and planning a wedding have in common? The planner is adamantly opposed to rain ruining their agenda. It’s impossible to make plans around the weather. It is unpredictable and subject to change at a moment’s notice, even if the forecast foretells a different story. Greece is renowned for its sunshine […]

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