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Staying at an Airbnb is like staying at a home away from home. Depending on your budget or what is available in the surrounding areas during your trip, you can rent out spaces that range from an entire home to a spare bedroom in someone’s house. What makes staying at an Airbnb even better than a hotel – aside from the comparatively more affordable prices – is that you will treated to a more personalized experience.

A superior Airbnb host will dedicate their time and energy into generating the most pleasurable experience for their guests. And because they are locals, it may be more advantageous to consult your host to help fill your itinerary rather than Google since they should be more familiar with the local hot spots around the area. Are you new to the concept of Airbnb? Here are some basic etiquette techniques to practice before, during, and after your stay:


Read The Reviews

Because you are dealing with individual people, every host will run their Airbnb differently. Use the reviews of previous guests as a way to judge the temperament of the host to determine whether or not it would be a good fit for you. These reviews can also be used as guidebook for how to conduct yourself during your stay.

Send An Introductory Message

This is not a requirement, but it is a nice pleasantry. You are not dealing with a customer service representative from a hotel, so reach out and introduce yourself to the person whose house you will be staying in. Building a good relationship at the onset may improve your trustworthiness in the eyes of the host.


Be Punctual

Respect the arrival and departure times that the host has set in place. Situations arise that often cause us to run late, but try to prepare for the unexpected in advance so that you can be as punctual as possible. If something does come up, don’t leave your host in the dark – contact them as soon as possible.

Abide By The House Rules

There may be some house rules that you aren’t accustomed to as part of your daily routine but, by agreeing to rent a certain space, you are also agreeing to a host’s policies. Keep your surroundings as clean as possible, keep your volume at a reasonable level, and be considerate of any curfews.



This is simple: pay the allotted amount and never ask to pay in cash.

Leave A Review

Some people use Airbnb as an additional source of income. If you enjoyed your stay, vocalize it online, being as detailed as possible. Your review could be the reason someone decides to rent the same space in the future.

Really, Airbnb etiquette is simply treating the space you rented how you would want a guest to treat your own home.